PAPATY was founded in 2006 with the goal of helping foreigners or French expatriates buy their Parisian home. We did this by acting as both a personal assistant and local expert and, ultimately, as a reliable trusted advisor.

In 2009, a local clientele developed and, with it, more reasons to hire PAPATY. Clients came to us if they were pressed for time, not on location to attend property visits, or if their purchase required follow-up meetings with various stakeholders (e.g. property managers, notaries, architects, contractors).

PAPATY is known for its high-quality service. Our recognised expertise in real estate is a result of our rich and diverse experience in the field. We pay careful attention to each and every stage of a project, from its inception to its completion. We work with only a limited number of clients at any one time, meaning we are able to provide a truly bespoke service, intricately tailored to our clients’ requirements. 


Our clients are our driving force; their projects are our motivation. We provide such a high quality service because we have a genuine interest in finding our clients their perfect piece of Parisian property. We endeavour to do this by creating a special relationship with our clients—we hope to come to know their requirements as if they were our own. Such a relationship allows us to pinpoint (and act on) a client’s unique and specific needs. Once we have built a relationship of trust and understanding, our clients know we will support them in any circumstance and defend their interests both legally and financially.

PAPATY’s breadth of knowledge and specific expertise in Parisian real estate allows us to simplify your search, maximising your chances of finding your desired property. Our results speak for themselves—happy clients return time and again for our help in finding them another property. Many have recommended us to their friends and family, and some even ask us to help them sell their property when they move.


Before we embark on your Parisian property adventure, we will take the time to prepare you as fully as possible for the search. We will help you decode the ‘jargon’ of the property market and, together, come up with a plan of action to enable you to see the entire global picture of your search, from start to finish.

Are you ready to hire us? If so, know that we will ensure you see results above and beyond your expectations, in a more than timely manner. In fact, we guarantee that you will see five fantastic properties, perfectly meeting your criteria, in less than three months. 


  • We constantly watch the market and keep up with its ever-changing pace so that we miss no opportunity.
  • You will be contacted as soon as we spot an interesting property and have access to it.
  • You will be able to follow the progress of our search on a private space including: updated reports with photos/videos, pinpoints on Google Maps, addresses of potential properties.
  • We are always contactable via your favourite mode of communication: Blackberry, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime and Lync.



Gilles Martinetti started his career in 1999 in a real estate agency based in Paris Le Marais, as a consultant. His future wife lived in London at this time but it was in St Germain des Près that they met. This encounter changed his life as he decided to relocate to London so they could live together. A few months after moving to London, Gilles realised the attraction Britons have for Parisian properties. The idea of combining his expertise in Parisian real estate and his passion for Paris was born. His own love story was at the origin of the business, and in 2006 PAPATY was launched (coming from PAris PAssion properTY) to help Britons to create their own love story with Paris and property!

Gilles and his wife have since moved to Paris. Passionate about the city, Gilles knows it like the back of his hand! On foot, by public transport, by car or by bicycle, he is aware of the various atmospheres of the different regions and likes to share these with others. With a keen eye for Parisian buildings, he has seen so many apartments, buyers and sellers that he has become an expert in understanding his clients’ needs and creating love stories with properties in Paris.

Searching for apartments in Paris is a treasure hunt. More compact than London, one can see a change in atmosphere very swiftly, just by walking to another district: all tastes can be accommodated. My clients’ requirements vary according to their countries of origin, backgrounds and personal tastes. However, all have in common the love of Paris. To buy a pied-à-terre in this special city is a dream for many, and a dream that we can help realise whatever the budget and the expectations. While some will want the classicism of the 16th district, Haussmannian buildings with mouldings, chimneys with mirrors, and original parquet floors (with point de Hongrie detailing), others will choose the charm of Le Marais or St Germain des Près or the East of Paris, where the buildings are renovated to a modern standard. I am here to define the search. A real relationship is established between us throughout the project and even after. I am often being asked to manage apartments, or to resell them for a client after a few years to move to a bigger one.
Gilles Martinetti


PAPATY’s team comprises a range of specialists, each of whom is involved at different stages of the process. Read on to find out who is involved in each step.

  • Before the search: mortgage broker and project manager.
  • During the search: property finder and resale manager.
  • After the search: architect, interior designer, contractors and property manager.

Working together, the team makes the project a success; their experience, talent, and specific skills are unmatched, making the process effective and enjoyable.